Why work with YolieTV?

Interested in submitting your film to YolieTV? We think it’s a great idea. Here’s why:

1. We pay you.

We believe filmmakers should be paid for their art, and we put our money where our mouth is. We pay you for every minute your movie is watched on YolieTV.

2. Your marketing effort pays off.

Any work you put towards promoting your film can turn into more money in your pocket since we pay you for every minute your movie is watched. We also have a filmmaker affiliate program so if your connections become YolieTV members, you are compensated.

3. Our marketing efforts

We want to help every filmmaker on our platform to prosper, YolieTV along with CBTV Network, our other platforms and affiliates worldwide, will promote your work. As we grow we will also provide dedicated account managers to structure your marketing efforts for an additional charge. Our network spans radio/television/streaming/live/pay perview/on deman/rent/buying/pre-ordering.

4. We stream worldwide.

With YolieTV, you reach a global audience. We also have the ability to geoblock, so if you have a need to restrict access in a specific region, we can work with you.

5. We’re non-exclusive.

You’re not locked in and are always free to explore additional outlets.

6. We get it – we are led and founded by filmmakers.

Our CEO, Jocelyn Sevier, is a Filmmaker and leads the company with the filmmaker perspective always front and center. We know from experience how hard it is to make a film and find meaningful distribution. We understand your world, what you’re doing and want to help you share your work with a broad audience.

7. We share analytics

We want you to know your audience and how your film is doing. That’s why each filmmaker has their own dashboard with live reporting on minutes watched as well as where your film is being seen and by whom. It can be a little addictive to see who is watching your movie right now – the movie version of getting upvotes and likes – but go ahead and spend as much time as you want on your dashboard. We won’t tell!


How you earn money

We pioneered a revenue sharing system called the Royalty Pool Model which pays you for every minute your movie is watched. There are no costs or deductions.

Here’s how it works: Each quarter, we set aside 30% of YolieTV subscription revenue for filmmakers. That revenue divided by the total number of minutes watched across all of YolieTV, determines the per-minute valuation. Each filmmaker is paid the per minute valuation for every minute their film was watched.

As YolieTV grows and earns more revenue, our filmmakers will earn more too. That’s our favorite part of the model. We want both of us to ‘win’.

To help you maximize the impact of your audience outreach, you can use your filmmaker dashboard. It shows your “Minutes Viewed” so you have the ability to track your film’s minutes watch for any specific date or range of dates. With this tool, you can see real-time spikes to better understand what outreach is most effective and quantify your efforts . You can also compare and track up to five films within the same graph.

Submit Your Film

We want to see your movies! Please get in touch with us via email. We accept movies in all lengths and genres from anywhere in the world.

Each submitted film goes through a submission review before it’s accepted. Our current wait time to assess film submissions is approximately 6-8 weeks. There are a lot of great new movies coming in to review! We thank you in advance for your patience. We are excited to see your work!

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